Конструкторское Опытное

Бюро Радиоаппаратуры

  • Wearable

    Purpose of wearable products – providing safe

    zones without binding to stationary objects.

  • On a car
    On a car

    Purpose of automobile products – the organization of a safe zone around

    land transport.

  • Universal

    Purpose of universal products – objediny properties wearable and automobile
    options of execution and providing a safe zone as
    round land transport, and without binding to
    to concrete objects.

  • Radio control
    Radio control

    Radiokontrol-this providing a safe zone for the account
    continuous monitoring of an air for detection
    operating signals and their aim suppression.

  • Additional equipment
    Additional equipment

    Purpose of the additional equipment – expeditious check
    operability of locks of the Veil series, and also implementation
    carrying out procedural works on maintenance.

The main activities of the company are: development of means of fight against terrorism, safety and information security of our clients.
I proved JSC Kobra as the reliable partner for law enforcement agencies, power structures and the commercial organizations. Our products show the efficiency in any conditions, including when carrying out fighting operations.
Participation and victories in the All-Russian and international exhibitions are incentive for maintenance of quality of a product at high level and continuous introduction of innovations in production.
We value the reputation therefore we are respectful to clients and their wishes.