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Closed joint stock company "Design skilled office of radio equipment (JSC KOBRA) the modern Russian dynamically developing enterprise which works at the safety market since 1993.


 The philosophy of the enterprise is based on three key principles: science, skill, protection.




 In the modern world safety, perhaps, one of the most demanded and scarce requirements of mankind. Protection of life, personal space, information – here in what our society is in great need. JSC KOBRA offers a wide range of the equipment and the services, allowing to protect the client from radio-controlled explosive devices, from unauthorized access to important information and inappropriate use of various radio equipment in places of public using.




 From the moment of the basis activities of JSC KOBRA for development and production of the radio engineering equipment for safety were based on profound knowledge of the fundamental scientific principles and studying of modern approaches and the innovative solutions appearing in the market. The balanced combination of classical science and fresh ideas allows to develop the reliable, qualitative and demanded equipment.




 The progress in the modern market of safety of JSC KOBRA achieved thanks to big staff of the highly skilled personnel. Selection and development of experts – one of key activities of management of the company. Our employees have an extensive experience of work and thus are in continuous search and studying of new ideas and innovative achievements in the field of activity. The huge attention in the company is paid also to improvement of material base – from introduction of the latest software products before acquisition of the modern hi-tech equipment.


 Science, skill, protection – strict following to these three principles allowed our company to achieve recognition and respect, as among our colleagues, and numerous clients. We with pride can speak about long partner relationship with such customers as internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, FSO Russian Federation, FSB Russian Federation, Ministry of Emergency Situations Russian Federation, the regional Departments of Internal Affairs, security structures, security services of CIS countries. Our products were successfully applied when carrying out large-scale counter-terrorist operations. All this is the best indicator of the highest quality and reliability of the equipment made by us.