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Our customers trust us the most valuable – the wellbeing, and sometimes and life and therefore we have to be confident in quality of made production. And, as we know, quality is shown in details for this reason we cooperate at production of our enterprise, only with those who proved as the reliable partner and the professional in the area, those who have a wide experience of work and are ready to realization interesting and not standard decisions.


Center of Technical Decisions company (open company VEKT)

Pavlov S. V.



More than 20 years the company is engaged in maintenance of the most difficult projects in the field of the microwave oven of electronics and electromecanics. Specialists of the company are ready not only to pick up and put the balanced set of VCh/SVCh of components and modules for the equipment of commercial and special applications of leading European and Asian producers, but also to render various engineering and consulting services for the solution of the most complex challenges.


JSC The Voronezh Plant of Semiconductor Devices — Assembly (JSC VZPP-S)

Residents of Ryazan B. G.



JSC VZPP-S is one of the largest suppliers of element base for manufacturers of radio-electronic production, means of communication and the most important equipment of a special purpose, and production is used in more than 450 enterprises of Russia and neighboring countries.


JSC VZPP-S possesses a number of unique assembly technologies that allows it to let out a wide range of hi-tech microelectronic and semiconductor production.



Electronics of open company soared

Elizavetenkov V. V.



 The long-term partner of many hi-tech production companies of Russia, providing to their need for electronic components. Besides, the company is engaged in sale, production and active development of RFID of systems - an innovative solution in the field of the identification, intended for improvement and simplification of working processes in the organization of warehouse economy, inventory, document flow, control and management of motor transport access, and also library systems. Electronics since 2003 soared is the full member of the International Association of Suppliers of Electronics (ERAI)


Open company BOARD group of companies

Kisilev O. V.



Is one of leading suppliers of the equipment in the market of communication and safety systems in Russia, including means of a radio communication, the fire-prevention equipment, systems of video surveillance, the anti-terrorist equipment.


Specialists of the company successfully resolve complex issues on equipment of objects by engineering and technical means since design prospecting works and before commissioning of all object as a whole. 


Successful activity ShchIT Group of companies is confirmed big quantity of awards, diplomas, letters of thanks from partners and clients.


Snow leopard of MMP of joint stock company

Eagle owl V. V.



The company is the Russian leader in deliveries of the modular power supplies mounted on the printed-circuit board, successfully develops the new perspective direction - development and production of sources of current for LED lamps. The modules, made by JSC Irbis MMP find broad application in special purpose products. As a part of the equipment they maintain requirements imposed to military, aviation, etc. to equipment.


Iselky open company

Marchenko A.P.



JSC "Iselkom" Company works at the market of electronic components since 2007 and is engaged in the organization of complex deliveries of electronic components, and also instrumentations and tools, the soldering equipment, consumer electronics both Russian, and foreign production of leading producers (from the countries of Europe, North America, Asia).


October ON federal state unitary enterprise

Смага A.P.



The enterprise is one of leading enterprises of a radio-electronic complex of the Russian Federation and has sixty years' experience of release of onboard systems of radio navigation and a radar-location for all types of air, land and sea transport, control systems and security aids for the rolling stock, systems of monitoring of the equipment of oil production and power industry complexes.


The company owns the most modern and environmentally friendly production technologies, has the solid staff of the qualified designers and technologists. The enterprise is the winner of an award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality. In 2007 "TILL "October" it is certified by the European fund on quality management (EFQM) at the "Recognized Perfection in Europe" level of 5 stars.



 PROTEKShEN энд open company SERVICE    

Director general Smirennikov A. L.    



The company for nearly 40 years is engaged in production of high-technical, high-quality packing for protection of the fragile equipment against vibrations to which it is exposed during operation, transportation and storage. Is the first manufacturing company of air-tight waterproof containers resistant to destruction, takes leading positions on development and production of rotoformovanny protective transport container.




Director general Martynov O. B. 



Carries out deliveries of a wide range of the high-quality electrotechnical equipment, namely: switches, transformers, plugs, blocks of clips, microswitches, safety locks, power semiconductors, coolers, chips, transistors, diodes, stabilitrons, варикапы, light-emitting diodes, photo diodes, оптопары, dinistor, tiristor low-power, switching products, sockets, relay, shunts, measuring devices, condensers, resistors.


Radiant-Elkom joint stock company    

Director general Kuznetsov A.L. 



The company carries out complex delivery of electronic components of domestic and foreign production for aviation, space and defensive industries. JSC RADIANT-ELKOM is authorized to carry out purchase, storage and deliveries of ERIE according to all possible nomenclature in Voyenelektronsert System. Control of activity of JSC RADIANT-ELKOM of the enterprise supplier is exercised by military representation of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

JSC RADIANT-ELKOM has licenses of Federal Space Agency, Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision for implementation of the corresponding kinds of activity, the certificate of the Main scientific metrological center of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation about accreditation on the right of certification of the test equipment applied in interests of defense and safety.



Eltekh Komponent of open company  

Director general Bocharov N. V.  



The Eltekh Komponent company founded in St. Petersburg in 1992 is the largest supplier of electronic components in the Russian market and represents production more than 40 conducting global manufacturers. A number of the manufacturing companies officially recognized JSC Eltekh Komponent by the distributor No. 1 not only in Russia, but also in Eastern Europe. The quality management system of the company successfully passed certification on compliance to the ISO9001:2008 standard. Basis of the range of the enterprise chips make, AC-DC, the DC-DC converters, modules of a wireless communication, indication, power supplies.


NPF BMG Plus joint stock company  

Director general Pavlik V. Ya.    



The firm is founded in 1997 by leading experts in area pyezotekhnik and microelectronics, now enters into group

PYEZO enterprises. The basic JSC NPF BMG PLUS kinds of activity – scientific researches and ROC on creation of quartz generators, their introduction in production, serial production and delivery of stable low-noise quartz generators and microassemblies of various types. Production of the company is successfully used by hundred Russian companies in such branches as the space and defensive industry, telecommunications, a wire and wireless communication, medical and computer facilities.



Yu-International of joint stock company    

Director general Yurye Penny 



JSC "YuE-International" successfully works at the Russian market since 1994. Today the company has 8 offices across all Russia, including in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The quality management system of the company passed certification on compliance to the ISO9001:2008 standard, and also received certificates of conformity in system of certification of GOST-R and IQNet (the international network of certification).




Director general Shakhova O. V. 



The LEPKOS company founded in 1993, is the General representative of Epcos concern and the authorized distributor of Magnetics firm in CIS and Baltic countries. "LEPKOS" wins first place in Russia on the volume of deliveries and the range of cores. The company offers the wide nomenclature of the modern products considerably surpassing in electromagnetic parameters existing Russian analogs.




Director general Susanin I. E.



JSC Transvit was created on the basis of the state enterprise of the radio-electronic industry half a century back. Today the company is the member of Russian Light Association, the student of many All-Russian and international exhibitions of radio-electronic and lighting production. JSC Transvit has the test center where to strict control are exposed both completing, and finished products. The enterprise is equipped with the advanced import and domestic equipment, high-precision industrial equipment of own production, has serious capacities (assembly, foundry, forming, tool shops, galvanic, coil-processing, painting sites). All this allows to achieve the highest quality of products: transformers, lamps, sources of power supply, puskoreguliruyushchy equipment, printed-circuit boards.




Director general Krasnoperov A.V.



"The scientific and technical center "EVRAAS", is created in 1997, for the purpose of advance of the goods made by participants of Association and formation of the market of production on safety. "EBPAAC" scientific and technological center, being versatile commercial structure, has the corresponding licenses and certificates of FSB of Russia, FSTEC of Russia, Emercom of Russia, the transport Ministry, etc. Existence of necessary licenses and work in the prices of the producer allows "EBPAAC" scientific and technological center to increase constantly realization both own goods and services, and production of participants of Association practically in all major directions of safety.



Open company radio service

Director general Vasilyev O. A.  



The company is engaged in development and production of the radio-receiving equipment and radio control systems, and as send-receive equipment for radar-tracking systems and radioprospecting systems.


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