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     One of key products in an extensive line of the locks released by JSC KOBRA are mobile complexes on the basis of cars of domestic and foreign production. In this regard own automotive site was created and the group of mechanics and the engineers, capable to solve the most complex problems of re-equipment and an additional equipment of cars is created. Existence of this technical center allows us to establish radio equipment on any car according to wishes of the Customer and service conditions, and also to render to our Clients services in service, repair and re-equipment of cars.


    Now we have opportunity to carry out the following types of works:

        diagnosing of electric equipment of the car;


        installation of security systems (alarm systems);


        installation of additional resources of communication;


        installation of the additional light equipment;


        installation of video recorders with an expanded range of the review;


        mounting and balancing of automobile wheels with a diameter from 12 to 24 inches;


        selection and installation of the equipment for heating of fuel during the winter period;


        tuning of SUVs.


    Our experts carry out repair, strictly adhering to high requirements of leading autoconcerns of the world and with application of modern means of computer diagnostics.


             Installation of additional electric equipment


            Installation of additional electric equipment already turned long ago into the difficult process, demanding intervention in an electric network of the car, mentioning uncountable number of electronic devices. 


            Certainly, such works need to be trusted only to professionals to which number specialists of our technical center belong also.


        Installation of security systems (alarm system). Our experts will install the alarm system on the car of the customer, allowing to use most its opportunities after that the alarm system will cease to carry exclusively security function, and besides the classical decisions developed only for the prevention of unauthorized breaking of the car, will get a number of additional functions which do life of the owner of a car of even more comfortable.


    Installation of additional light and additional optics for various purposes, for example, searchlights providing safe high-speed movement on highways, headlights of back and lateral lighting for comfortable maneuvering on parkings or off road terrain in a night-time. It is separately necessary to tell about installation of headlights of a daylight (day running fires) are headlights on forward part of the vehicle, radiating bright this world, for increase in visibility of the vehicle in the conditions of day lighting. Headlights of a daylight are in increasing frequency applied by car makers as possess a number of undoubted advantages:


            Small electricity consumption that practically doesn't influence fuel consumption.


            Wear of usual head headlights is reduced.


            Optimum contrast in a bright sunny day.


        Installation of radio stations. Automobile radio stations became the integral attribute for many drivers of professionals. Our experts have a wide experience as in installation of the stationary radio stations having hidden connection to food and the antenna, and in installation of the autonomous radio stations connected by means of a nest of the lighter or portable accumulators of finger-type type.


        Installation of video recorders with the review of 360 degrees. In a modern road situation when intensity of an automobile stream increases from year to year, also as well as complexity of the organization of a road and transport network, the video recorder installed on your car, will allow you to have always an objective picture of your actions and behavior of neighbors in an automobile stream.


        Selection and installation of equipment for heating of fuel at operation in winter conditions

        The heating of diesel fuel during the winter period provides decrease in viscosity (fluidity increase), prevents a parafinization in responsible knots of the fuel highway, restores and improves a filtration. Thus, due to ensuring stable giving and purification of fuel, both during the prestarting period, and at the working engine, operation of the diesel car in the conditions of low temperatures is significantly facilitated.


        Tuning of SUVs


        In the modern world the off-road car is the most popular type of automobile transport. The main reason for it first of all is connected with its multifunctionality. For someone this means to emphasize own status, for someone – opportunity to ensure additional level of safety on the road, and for someone - opportunity to test the mass of thrills having passed there, it is almost impossible where to pass. But for what the similar car was necessary to his owner, almost for certain it would like to introduce a little identity in a serial product and from the design point of view, and from the functional. All these problems are solved successfully by specialists of our technical center.


    We carry out works on preparation of SUVs for active recreation, fishing, hunting, expeditions, using brands of the known and checked producers of the additional equipment and accessories: ARB, Hella, WARN (Varn), etc. The main criterion of a choice of manufacturing firms is quality and a wide range of their production.


    Specialists of our center will help with a choice of options of completion of your car, will give the full and qualified consultations on all questions interesting you, and also will develop the unique project on tuning of the car and will realize it.

    We carry out the following main types of work on re-equipment of off-road cars:


    Installation of removable frame power protection of a case of the engine, check point and transfer case, car bottom. Protection of these devices is a necessary detail of each car both at a driving on off road terrain, and in city conditions: thus, you not only protects the most important and expensive details of the car from mechanical damages, but also protects podkapotny space from dirt and moisture. Besides there is an improvement of aerodynamic properties of the car which in turn leads to decrease in fuel consumption.


    Installation of the power equipment (bumpers, thresholds, protection of a rear bumper, turnbuckles), electric winches of any production, both in hidden, and in easily removable options.


    Installation of a power weather-cloth (кенгурины, low protection of forward and back bumpers). The power weather-cloth is metal elements which fasten directly to a frame of the car and bear power loading. Strengthening and elevator of a suspension bracket of the car. Various damages of a body of the car unpleasant and in too time the most common cause of the address to auto repair shop and it is difficult to overestimate an important role of a power weather-cloth in protection of the car against them.

    Luggage carrier arrangement by an additional floor;

    Installation of luggage carriers.

    Diagnosing of electric equipment of the car

    Today in the car electricity eats tens and even hundreds sensors, regulators, devices and mechanisms which watch and are responsible for work of the main and auxiliary systems of the car. These knots and details differ high reliability which is carefully controlled by car maker. Nevertheless, separate components can glitch sometimes. In such cases also there is a need of diagnosing of electric equipment of the car.


    Our experts before repair will carefully diagnose your car on the modern computer equipment. After that to you will provide the list of all necessary and recommended works for coordination and on the basis of your decision necessary details will be ordered and repair of systems and components of your car is made.

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