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Locking car - swaddled 7MG increased power with an extended range of suppression.


 The product is designed to protect vehicle occupants from eavesdropping using special radio and prevent operation of radio-controlled explosive devices ( RVU ) . Is used under conditions where the suppression signal must be a high capacity in an extended frequency range , and is also required to improve the protection ranges cellular networks .


use Cases

 Can be used in two modes:

 "Full" - overlapping broad band 20 ... 2700 MHz , 5600 MHz ... 5900 , without any gaps in the protected parts of the range.

 Mode " CELL " - improving the protection of the ranges of mobile networks , by reducing the efficiency in the neighboring frequency bands.

 Located in the trunk of a car . In applying the recommended hardware operation in motion and parked with the engine running in order to prevent battery car.



 The product is in the form of a transmitter in a metal casing . Equipped with an additional lettering transmitter , eight external car antenna magnetic bases and remote control with cable length of 6 meters. Possible acquisition of additional staff Petrol .



 Provides effective suppression of high power signals .

Completely covers the protected frequency range (20 MHz ... 2700 , 5600 ... 5900 MHz) , without the " failures" in any of its parts .

Provides the ability to block a range of enhanced mobile devices . Control of the operation carried out by the toggle switch on the front panel of the transmitter.

The presence of the remote control greatly improves the usability of the device.



 Product comes complete with main transmitter , the transmitter 5900 , remote control , external antenna , the power cord from the electrical system , a set of mounting parts , spare parts kit , maintenance documentation . Optional and can be staffed Petrol transport trolleys .



 Power is supplied from the vehicle electrical system via standard power cord




Device type: Ammunition

Suppressed frequency range 20 ... 2700 MHz , 5600 MHz, 5900 ...


Continuous : not less than 24 hours

Output: not less than 100 W

Power supply: 13,8 (± 1,2) in

Power consumption: no more than 700 W

Weight transmitter: not more than 19 kg

Dimensions transmitter: (530 × 370 × 165 ) ± 10 mm

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