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Mobile system for tracking vehicles Shroud -6K high power with an extended range of frequencies.


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The product is designed to protect passengers from the car followed by eavesdropping using special radio and prevent operation of radio-controlled explosive devices ( RVU ) . Used in circumstances where it is necessary to suppress high power signal over a wide frequency range ( from the simplest devices to civilian devices operating in the radiolocation service ) .


use Cases


The product is placed in the car maintenance and has an independent power source, in connection with what is possible to use as while driving or parked with the engine off . Control transmitters by means of remote control. Frequency range of the transmitter is divided by 13 Liter with the possibility of an independent off each liter that allows you to select a range of suppression.




Blocker configured to block a transmitter on a metal frame . The product is completed thirteen remote antenna magnetic base for mounting on the roof of the car , remote control with 6- foot cable and Petrol . Products available on the transmitter control unit ( indication of radiation failure indication antenna-feeder devices and display each of the letters of overheating ) .




Provides effective suppression of high power signals .

Fully covers a wide frequency range (20 ... 3500 MHz) , without the " failures" in any of its parts . Breakdown of operating frequency range for the ability to selectively inhibit Liter only the necessary ranges .

Petrol own grade to use the device , including the parking lot with the engine off .

Availability of remote control and monitoring unit for operation of the device significantly improves the usability of the backstop .





Power of the equipment is carried out by a separate elektrobenzogeneratora installed in the car.




Product comes complete with a transmitter unit (two transmitter frame assembly), external antenna , remote control , power cables from elektrobenzogeneratora cable transition , mounting bolts and nuts transmitters , maintenance documentation .


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