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Locking car swaddle -6A increased power with extra protection against external influences.




The product is designed to protect vehicle occupants from eavesdropping using special radio and prevent operation of radio-controlled explosive devices ( RVU ) . Used in circumstances where protection is required signals increased power in the range of civil radiofrequency devices and cellular GSM 900 , as well as additional protection against external mechanical interlocking effects and adverse effects on the environment.


use Cases


Located in the trunk of a car . In applying the recommended hardware operation in motion and parked with the engine running in order to prevent battery car.




The product is designed as a protective briefcase PELITM . Complete with four external car antenna magnetic bases and remote control device with a cable length of 6 meters .




· Provides effective protection against high-power signals and completely covers the entire frequency range to be protected , without the " failures" in any of its parts .


· Have the remote control greatly improves the usability of the device.


· Use high-impact case study can effectively protect against mechanical impacts , adverse environmental impact .




Power is supplied from the vehicle electrical system via standard power cord




Product comes complete with transmitter , external antenna , magnetic bases , remote control , power cable , a platform for mounting the transmitter harness rubber set of mounting parts , maintenance documentation .



Device type: 


Suppressed frequency range 

20 ... 1000 MHz

operation time:from the vehicle electrical system - at least 4 hours

Output: not less than 55 W

Power supply: 13,8 (± 1,2) in

Power consumption: no more than 300 W

Weight transmitter: 15 kg

Dimensions transmitter: 525 x 425 x 217 mm

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