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Mobile system for tracking vehicles Shroud-14T high power and directional radiation.

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The product is designed to prevent operation of radio-controlled explosive devices ( RVU ) in the vicinity of cellular base stations , due to directional radiation interference signal . Is used under conditions where the suppression signal must be very high power over a broad frequency range.


use Cases


Blocker used to suppress in a given sector RVU powerful control signals using frequency 20 ... 2700 MHz, with a stationary state of the vehicle and the direction of radiation interfering signal . In the complex there is the possibility of dismantling the individual hardware broadband frequency suppression 20 ... 2700 MHz and use them offline.




Car option on the chassis of the car «NISSAN NP300 PICK-UP» ( optional equipment can be accommodated on another carrier or vehicle of the customer) .




Provides effective suppression of signals of very high power in a given sector , due to the directional radiation interference signal .

Fully covers a wide frequency range (20 ... 2700 MHz) , without the " failures" in any of its parts .

Petrol own grade to use the device , including the parking lot with the engine off . Food is provided by the built-in regular gasoline generator gas tank car carrier . During a power outage from an external source , connect automatically built backup batteries

It is possible to dismantle the universal suppression unit RVU "veil -8U " and use it without reference to the vehicle. The dismantling of not more than 5 minutes .




Power of the equipment from the built GASOLINE or from an external network 220 V. When a power outage automatically connect internal backup battery




The average radius protection zone in the frequency range 20 ... 2700 MHz provides integrated backstop "veil -8U " and is 60 meters, the length of the radio link control RVU 200m radius protection zone in cellular bands GSM, 3G, 4G is 30-50 meters, distance to the base station of 50-100 meters , respectively.




Your product comes complete transport base on the chassis «NISSAN NP300 PICK-UP» ( or equivalent) , Front anti-vibration platform transmitters , transmitters products "veil -8U " antenna aiming antennas products "veil -8U " remote control diesel generator SDMO DX 6000 E XL C, remote control diesel generator , fan EL200 E2 01 , power backup unit , antenna cables , power cables, cable reel with 50 m for the external network connection 220 V with protection device YX 316-003 KG3 × 2 set of documentation .


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