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The product is intended for protection against radio-controlled mine explosive devices of the increased power and frequencies functioning in the wide range as at work on search and neutralization I TEAR specialists of explosive services, and staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and VS Russian Federation when performing other fighting tasks.

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Use options

The equipment can be applied both in figurative, and in stationary situation.

Execution options

The lock is executed in the form of a satchel in military style for convenience of carrying and release of hands when performing office tasks. Control of the device is exercised by means of the remote control fixed on a belt.


    Due to use of external antennas provides effective protection against signals of the increased power and completely blocks all protected range of frequencies, without "failures" in its any parts.

    Application of the rantsevy scheme socks and remote control use, allows to release hands of the expert completely.


Food is carried out from the built-in battery of accumulators, from бортсети the car (13,8 + 1,2 B), and also from a network of 220 V / 50 Hz, via the regular power unit and a charge.

Complete set

In the package of a product is included the transmitter, external antennas, a remote control, the power unit and a charge, a cable for the power unit and a charge, a cable of food from an onboard network, a bag for the power unit and a charge, a bag for a set of fastening of the transmitter, a cap, a set of assembly and spare parts, operational documentation.

Technical characteristics:

Device type:

the wearable

Range of suppressed frequencies

20 … 1000 MHz, 1700... 2000 MHz.

Operating time:

from the built-in storage battery not less than 45 minutes, from the external power supply of 1 hour.

Output power:

not less than 65 W

Supply voltage:

- 12 V from the built-in battery of accumulators;

- from бортсети car 13,8 (±1,2) B

- from a network ~ 220B, 50 Hz via the regular power unit and a charge.

Power consumption:

no more than 375 W

Mass of the transmitter:

no more than 20 kg

Overall dimensions:

425 x 137 x 400 mm

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