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The lock wearable PELENA-6SG for protection against the devices operated on channels of cellular communication

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The lock is intended for personal protection against unauthorized listening by means of special radio devices and for prevention of operation of the radio-controlled explosive devices (RCED), in conditions when use of the lock has to be hidden from external supervision. The product provides protection from the DITCH, frequencies of devices of cellular communication working in the ranges. The lock is executed in the facilitated option and intended for use as a wearable product.

Use options

The lock can be used as independently, and together with PELENA-3G, PELENA-4G and PELENA-5G locks for increase in range of blocked frequencies.

Execution options

The product is executed in the form of an easy compact stylish case, has no antennas and any other unmasking elements. The lock is equipped with the built-in storage battery ensuring its autonomous functioning.


    Provides effective protection due to full overlapping of all ranges of the frequencies used by devices of cellular communication.

    It can be applied with all existing means of search of explosive devices, without stirring them to work.

    Has no unmasking elements that allows to hide its use from external supervision.

    The VEIL 3G, PELENA-4G and PELENA-5G can be applied together with locks that significantly increases the range of blocked frequencies.

    For increase of time of continuous operation of the lock, in a set of the device there is an additional storage power unit.


It can be carried out from the built-in battery of accumulators and from the external storage power unit.

Complete set

In the package of a product is included the transmitter, the external storage power unit, the charger for the battery of accumulators built in the transmitter, the charger for the external storage power unit, a bag for the transmitter, a bag for the external storage power unit, a set of perdokhranitel, operational documentation.

Technical characteristics:

Device type:

the wearable

Range of suppressed frequencies

462,5 … 467,5 MHz, 925 … 960 MHz,

1800 … 1880 MHz, 2110 … 2170 MHz

Operating time:

    from the built-in battery of accumulators – not less than 60 min.;

    from the external storage power unit – not less than 100 min.

Output power:

not less than 10 W

Supply voltage:

12 V

Power consumption:

no more than 100 W

Mass of the transmitter:

no more than 10 kg

Overall dimensions:

460 x 140 x 400 mm

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