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The small-sized intelligent lock of cellular communication the Calm - Page.

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The product is intended for blocking of cellular communication of the GSM 900/1800 and 3G standards in a small radius of action (as a rule, 10-30 meters, but in each case the distance of blocking depends on remoteness of the device from a base station) in conditions when its use has to be hidden from external supervision and work in an autonomous mode during a long interval of time is required.

Use options

The product can be applied to local suppression of cellular communication in borders of small perimeters.

Execution options

The lock is executed in the compact plastic rectangular case, has no external antennas and other unmasking signs. At the request of the customer, the device can be built in any household items and an interior, according to specifics of use (the book, a bag man purse, a desktop desk set, etc.)


    Provides effective blocking of operation of devices of cellular communication of the GSM 900/1800 and 3G standards in a small radius of action, due to application of the special patented types of modulation of the interfering signal, the communications optimized under concrete standards.

    In the device the technology of intellectual suppression is realized, i.e. the lock makes continuous scanning of air and carries out the radiation of hindrances, only at detection of active radio signals in the range of working frequencies when the cell phone which is in an area of coverage of the lock, tries to contact a base station. This principle of work allows to reduce power consumption and to prolong time of autonomous functioning, and also to minimize harmful effects of radiation on a human body.

    Has no unmasking elements that allows to hide its use from external supervision.

    The increase in power due to connection of additional antennas is possible.

    Doesn't demand additional control before operation.


Food can be carried out from an onboard network of the car, an external network, or built-in accumulators

Complete set

The accumulator charger, operational documentation is included in the package of a product

Technical characteristics:

Device type:

the wearable

Range of suppressed frequencies

925 – 960 MHz (GSM 900);

1805 – 1880 MHz (GSM 1800);

2110 – 2170 MHz (3G (UMTS))

Operating time:

3 hours from built-in accumulators

continuously from an external network

Output power:

1 W

Supply voltage:

220 V

Power consumption:

12 W


no more than 1 kg

Overall dimensions:

140 × 190 × 45 mm



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