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Purpose of an intellectual complex – providing a safe zone, due to continuous monitoring of an air, for detection of operating signals and their aim suppression.


Distinctive feature of this type of products is possibility of construction of "transparency windows" which allow to work to the regular equipment in a radius of a working zone of a complex. The product is executed in the plastic rectangular case, has no external antennas and other unmasking signs. This complex has stationary placement, food is carried out only from the alternating current main. Radius of action of these complexes makes not less than 50 метров*. Efficiency of action over the specified parameters depends on a site, conditions of environment and power of a blocked signal. As in this device the special patented types of modulation of the interfering signal, the communications optimized under concrete standards are applied.


* Radius of the protective zone provided with products of JSC KOBRA, is confirmed with field tests

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Intelligent complex Breeze suppression control for the impact of radio signals. appointment The system is designed to prevent operation of radio-controlled explosive devices ( RVU ) in public places , public buildings and facilities (airports and train / railway stations , movie…