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Intelligent complex Breeze suppression control for the impact of radio signals.




The system is designed to prevent operation of radio-controlled explosive devices ( RVU ) in public places , public buildings and facilities (airports and train / railway stations , movie theaters and shopping centers, etc. ) , while maintaining the possibility of using a predetermined standard equipment ( police station and personnel , wi-fi camera) within the working area of the complex.


use Cases


The complex can be used to protect checkpoints and other significant areas of public buildings against terrorist attacks.




The product is made in a plastic rectangular case , has no external antennas and other telltale signs . At customer's request can be made in the colors of the organization. This complex has the ability to only permanent installation .




The device provides the possibility of building " transparency windows " that allow you to work the standard equipment within the work area of the complex.

The device uses special patented interference signal modulation types that are optimized for specific communication standards .

Complex equipment has increased capacity for safety in crowded places .

Does not have any giveaway items that allows you to hide its use of external observation .



Power is supplied from AC 220V .



Device type: 

permanent installation

Operating Frequency Range :


 20 ... 2750 ... 250 MHz MGts20 ( Stations CTCSS and DTMF) 250 ... 500 MHz ( CTCSS Stations and DTMF, car alarm ) 500 ... 750 MHz ( TV, radio connected ) 750 ... 1000 MHz (GSM900, AMPS / DAMPS, WCDMA, car alarm ) 1000 ... 1700 MHz (GPS and GLONASS ) 1700 ... 2000 MHz (GSM1800) 2000 ... 2750 MHz (3G, WiMax, Dect, Bluetooth, WiFi)


not less than 20 hours per day ;


25 W - in the range of 20 to 90 MHz , 25 W - in the frequency range from 90 MHz to 1000 MHz , 10 W - in the frequency range from 1000 to 2750 MHz;

Power supply: 




not more than 135 kg


2400 x 1000 x 750 mm