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    Metal working – difficult technological process therefore machining of details should be trusted professionals. Our company is the highly qualified specialists who are carrying out turning, milling, metalwork and other works on metal on exact and highly productive modern equipment. We carry out orders of any complexity in the shortest terms, providing high quality of production, in particular we are ready to render the following services in the metal working sphere:


    Coordinate punched hole of sheet metal, puklyovka, razzenkovka of openings, cutting of preparations on rectilinear and more difficult trajectories, with use of a revolving coordinate and penetrative press, 6,3 mm for usual, low-carbonaceous and to 3 mm for stainless steel.


    To Gibk of sheet metal with a bend corner from 0 to 180 degrees and long to 2500 mm, with effort 100 тн.


    High-quality and high-precision services in turning and milling processing, performance of milling works of different level of complexity with use of the latest equipment, modern machines with numerical program control. We can carry out face, shaped and trailer milling, process big and small surfaces, carry out working operations under different corners, create grooves and profiles of different types, shlitsa and ledges. We make turning and milling processing according to sketches (with development of drawings), to drawings or samples of details.

    Turning works, on the universal equipment:


        The maximum length of a processed product - 750 mm


        The maximum diameter of a processed product - 248 mm


     Milling works, on the universal equipment:


        The maximum amount of preparation – 450 mm x 250 mm x 380 mm


        The greatest diameter of drilling in steel – 60 mm, possibility of cutting of a carving - M5-M22


     Metalwork works:


        Drilling of openings in details with height to 1000 mm;


        the maximum diameter of drilling in steel of 45 - 32 mm;


        diameter of cutting of a carving in steel of average hardness - M3... Mm M27;


        leaf cutting, σв <400 MRA, 0,5-6 x 2500 mm;


        it is flexible a leaf, σв &lt;400 MRA, 0,5-1,5 x 1270 mm;


        welding of metal of 0,5-6 mm.


    Perfect quality of finished products is provided also with a high professional standard of our experts, and modern equipment which carries out a large number of actions under control of electronics that excludes emergence of marriage and provides ideal quality of processing. 


    The material base of JSC KOBRA consists of a complex of the modern hi-tech equipment:




         The vertically milling processing centers with ChPU FEELER of fashions. HV-40A allow to process machines of the last generation not only flat details, but also to process preparations according to 3D programs, creating volume forms. High repeatability and processing accuracy. Variety of automatic cycles of operation of the device (cross and longitudinal milling, drilling, drilling, boring).


        Universal IZh250ITV turning screw cutter. It is intended for performance of various turning works in the centers, draw-in or cam attachments, and also for cutting of metric, modular and inch carvings.


        Shirokouniversalny SF-676 milling machine. Allows to perform milling works on horizontal, and as on the vertical planes of preparations. Preparations can be from ferrous, non-ferrous metal or from their alloys. Milling processing of grooves and other surfaces as performance of drilling, boring, grooving and other operations is possible is possible.


        Boring-and-milling SF16-02 machine. It is intended for performance of the following operations:






            carving cutting by machine taps

            all types of milling works


    Processing is made by the fast-cutting and hard-alloy tool in details from various constructional materials and from nonmetallic materials


    The vertical-boring machine on PROMA B-1832B/400 metal (Czech Republic). The industrial vertical-boring machine on metal, is intended for drilling, boring and opening development in various materials.


    Machine vertical-boring models 2C125. It is used for drilling of openings with a diameter up to 31 millimeter, drilling, a coredrilling, chamfering, boring, carving cutting in openings with application of machine taps. Thanks to a vibration-proof design of the increased rigidity, the boring machine 2C125 provides high precision of processing of openings.


    Vertical-boring GS2112 machine. It is intended for processing of openings in fine details. Also the machine drilling GS-2112 can carry out the following operations: drilling, drilling, coredrilling.


    Scissors guillotine STD-9AN


    Machine listogibochny PBB 1270/2. It is intended for a bend of profiles of box type, with additional lateral гибами. The used technology of a segment edge allows to make fast control under various standard sizes of products.


    Welding semiautomatic device Corsair. It is intended for semi-automatic welding by a copperplated welding wire in the environment of protective gases, and also welding by a powder wire without use of protective gases.




    Press coordinate просечный revolving TP9 DURMA.


    The high-quality equipment with the strong, leveled framework. By production koordinatno – penetrative machines high-precision systems of hydraulics Bosch-Rexroth HNC-100 which are most reliable and sensitive SIEMENS servo-drivers are applied. ChPU is carried out by means of SINUMERIK 840 DI — also the latest SIEMENS technology. Koordinatno – a penetrative press makes a punched hole and cutting down of openings in metal about up to 6 millimeters thick sheets, besides, the penetrative press can make processing of already finished product with the fine precision. Quality прессов Durma, guarantees the highest precision at production of products and has improbable productivity, till 800 blows/min. therefore they can be used at production of a series of small details. The press penetrative coordinate DURMA TP9 is most effective in production of large volume of details, but it can be used and at production of a small kit of parts. On the machine sheets small, and also averages and large overall dimensions can be processed. The press is intended for stamping, a punched hole of openings, molding, roller pieces, etc.


    Press for are flexible DURMA metal.


    This most modern hydraulic equipment in the metal working sphere. By means of hydraulic bending press of DURMA there was possible a work with products of the raised degree of complexity. Thanks to CNC controlers from known Swiss firm Cybelec a limit on complexity of products is lifted.


    Advantage of tape saws of HB-S (DCB-S) is opportunity direct and curvilinear are sharp a material.


    The two-sided giving mechanism provides high precision and quality are sharp. Tape saws of HB-S (DCB-S) it is possible to cut any materials, but usually them apply for are sharp metals. Machines of this series well cope and with soft copper and aluminum alloys, and with the strongest stainless steels. Thanks to a rotary vice, and also possibility of turn of a shoulder of a saw, a cloth it is possible to cut under various corners.


    Precision lathes with ChPU FEELER of fashions.


    FTC-20/FTC-20L – the last generation of the metalworking equipment. They provide effective modes of processing, high precision of positioning, reliability and possess hi-tech decisions in a design and configuration. Machines are equipped with the high-speed spindles, allowing to delete big allowances (frequency of rotation reaches 20000 rpm), rigid directing of the durable materials, providing low coefficient of friction, processing is conducted with big giving - to 20000 mm/min.



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